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Declan “Elvis Costello” Mac Manus was by far the most literate and diverse of the “angry young man” songwriters emerging from England in the late 1970s, no small achievement in light of competition that included first-rate talents like Graham Parker, Joe Jackson, John Lydon, Shane Mac Gowan, and the Strummer/Jones pairing of the Clash.Elvis’s terrific 1977 debut came at the height of punk rock, and the ensuing series of masterworks that mark the astonishing early portion of his recording career overlapped with the punk outgrowth commonly referred to as New Wave.

But that prize frame has become one of the classics in the rock-photography canon: Elvis, in a stairwell at the Mosque Theatre in Richmond, Virginia, minutes before a concert, darting a mischievous tongue toward the deliciously reciprocating mouth of a mysterious girl in black.

She keeps us up-to-date with the news and what’s trending, and can be (self-admittedly) totally nerdy (she does a piece on the morning show called Hip Hop Clarinet). I did radio in Minneapolis for 4 years where I went to college. Oz says hitting snooze is the worst thing you can do. There’s a lot of non-verbal communication going on. My favorite story is when we were talking about listeners who have accidentally dated somebody they were related to.

Lora knew Bethany from a previous photoshoot, so we said, “Hey Bethany, we’re going to be in the city, can we come visit you at the studio and ask you a bunch of random questions? While I was doing radio there, one of our producers David Brody – part of his job is to be aware of talent around the country – knew of me and when there was an opening on the Elvis Duran show, he remembered me, so he reached out. I drink my water, I drink my coffee, I throw some clothes on and head to work. So many people have done this, and it was really surprising!

This connection brought Elvis into the company of his first producer and crucial collaborator Nick Lowe, a genius songwriter in his own regard, and just the right man to bring Costello’s bilious, brilliant, neo-Dylan tantrums to full boil. The Lowe-produced five album run that began Costello’s career – from 1977’s – is a spirited, comedic, raging demonstration of talent and songcraft nearly the equal of any in rock history – perhaps only Dylan from ’64 -’68 or the Stones from ’68 -’72 ever put together more manic and brilliant music over such a sustained period of excellence.

After successfully scuffling through his debut with what was essentially a pick up band[1] Costello set about forming the Attractions, a startlingly forceful gathering of precision musical assassins comprised of Steve Nieve on keys and piano, and Bruce and Pete Thomas on bass and drums, respectively.

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