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Things were different in Windows XP and they are different in Windows 7 / 8. Please let know know if this worked for you and helped you resolve your problem.Windows 10 users may want to use Thumbnail and Icon Cache Rebuilder, which lets you purge and rebuild Thumbnail & Icon Cache in a click.After introducing that variable, no link would pass the SID anymore, causing every script to return to the login page. ) to recognize that this wasn't a bug in my code or some misconfiguration in and then still some more time to find out what it was.The above restriction had completely slipped from my mind (if it ever was there...)Skipping the ' did the job.OK, it was my own mistake, of course, but it just shows you how easily one can sabotage his own work for hours...Just don't do it ;) PHP 5 you cannot store Std Class and similar built-in objects in the session.(It's free for the first 30 days, you can always uninstall it later on if you find no other use for it.) You can certainly do the following without AB Commander, too.Also, if you have not done so already, you may need to enable the Windows option that makes the hidden files visible.

Be aware of the fact that absolute URLs are NOT automatically rewritten to contain the SID.

Before Windows 8, repairing the desktop icons was relatively easy: all you needed to do was to force Windows Explorer to rebuild the file, and that would fix the corrupt desktop icons almost magically.

That worked for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, but starting with Windows 8 Microsoft changed the rules of the game and erasing the file to fix the corrupt or outdated icons no longer works.

Example Configuration Directives proxy_bind proxy_buffer_size proxy_buffering proxy_buffers proxy_busy_buffers_size proxy_cache proxy_cache_background_update proxy_cache_bypass proxy_cache_convert_head proxy_cache_key proxy_cache_lock proxy_cache_lock_age proxy_cache_lock_timeout proxy_cache_max_range_offset proxy_cache_methods proxy_cache_min_uses proxy_cache_path proxy_cache_purge proxy_cache_revalidate proxy_cache_use_stale proxy_cache_valid proxy_connect_timeout proxy_cookie_domain proxy_cookie_path proxy_force_ranges proxy_headers_hash_bucket_size proxy_headers_hash_max_size proxy_hide_header proxy_http_version proxy_ignore_client_abort proxy_ignore_headers proxy_intercept_errors proxy_limit_rate proxy_max_temp_file_size proxy_method proxy_next_upstream proxy_next_upstream_timeout proxy_next_upstream_tries proxy_no_cache proxy_pass proxy_pass_header proxy_pass_request_body proxy_pass_request_headers proxy_read_timeout proxy_redirect proxy_request_buffering proxy_send_lowat proxy_send_timeout proxy_set_body proxy_set_header proxy_ssl_certificate proxy_ssl_certificate_key proxy_ssl_ciphers proxy_ssl_crl proxy_ssl_name proxy_ssl_password_file proxy_ssl_server_name proxy_ssl_session_reuse proxy_ssl_protocols proxy_ssl_trusted_certificate proxy_ssl_verify proxy_ssl_verify_depth proxy_store proxy_store_access proxy_temp_file_write_size proxy_temp_path Embedded Variables In order for this parameter to work, it is necessary to run nginx worker processes with the superuser privileges and configure kernel routing table to intercept network traffic from the proxied server.

of the buffer used for reading the first part of the response received from the proxied server.

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