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And he seemed to be saying now that “I’ve got mine,” the ongoing AIDS epidemic—now predominantly affecting poor people, drug users, minority women, and those in the developing world who cannot afford the life saving drugs—no longer mattered. Protease inhibitors transformed HIV/AIDS from a disease that brought almost certain death within a few years to a possibly chronic disease.

Before protease inhibitors, gay people with HIV/AIDS were forced to fight for their lives.

Intelligence sources say they believe women from Malaysia have travelled to the Middle East to take part in Jihad al-Nikah, or sexual jihad.

Following the controversial 2013 Wahhabi edict commanding Sunni women to offer their bodies to soldiers fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime, it is believed that at least three Malaysian women have joined the ISIS terrorists currently cutting a bloody swathe through Syria and Iraq.

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She tweeted, “Allahu Akbar, there’s no way to describe the feeling of sitting with the Akhawat waiting on news of whose husband has attained Shahadah,” while also providing advice to women on how to deal with relatives and parents who beg them to leave ISIS and come home.

Many of these sex jihadists and brides-to-be are not told of the strict lifestyle and punishments that await any who break ISIS’ rules.

Women who exit their homes without chaperones or are not fully covered are targets for arrest and beatings, often by other women.

We like to think that we live in a liberal, permissive society - that, if anything, the problem is that there is too much sex about. We live in a culture that is deeply confused about its erotic impulses; it bombards us with images of airbrushed models and celebrities writhing in a sterile haze of anhedonia while abstinence is preached at the heart of government.

In Britain, the release of an official report declaring that girls are being too "sexualised" has coincided with parliamentary lobbies for young women to be "taught to say no".

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