Brian atwood nate berkus still dating

AE: There’s still a hunger in the gay community for gay visibility, especially on television and you’ve reached a level that is pretty hard to rival. E: Do you see yourself settling down one day permanently? is something a little different as you’re out giving money away and doing philanthropy.

Many fans will recall that in 2004 Nate’s longtime partner, photographer Fernando Bengoechea, was tragically swept to his death as the result of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami while the couple was vacationing in Sri Lanka.My dad used to sell sports memorabilia on HSN [ the Home Shopping Network ] .In some ways, [ we've ] sort of gone full-circle,” Berkus said. 13, HSN will launch an exclusive new line of home décor and furniture from Berkus.You see, his dad, Mike, is a lifelong sports-memorabilia collector, dealer and card-show promoter.He is a co-founder and current co-executive director of the annual National Sports Collectors Convention, set for its 30th annual gala next summer in Cleveland.“Growing up, I spent a lot of time behind tables at [ trading ] card and memorabilia conventions,” Nate Berkus said.

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