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Social media and internet sites allow for anonymity, diminished inhibitions and a false sense of privacy.As experienced sex offense attorneys in Franklin, Indiana, we remain up-to-date on the latest technologies and the constantly-changing laws governing them.Attorneys Jay Hoffman and Brian Newcomb have more than 40 years of combined experience in cases involving Medical Malpractice, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Truck Accidents and Nursing Home Negligence.

The database makes personal information about you easily available to the public, in some cases for 10 years and in others for the rest of your life. State of Indiana, we challenge the inclusion of your name on the registry and seek legal relief from the unjust requirement.

When filling out lost pet reports, be sure to include: Your pet’s name and what they are likely to answer to; Details about the time, date and location in which your pet was lost; Good photos; Information about your pet’s appearance, age, sex, breed, microchip number, collar and tags.

Print out multiple copies of flyers and distribute them to your neighbors, post them in major intersections near the area where your pet went missing, in animal shelters, and in community centers.

Take a deep breath, and read through the steps below for immediate actions you can take to find your pet. Johnson County Animal Control can be reached at 317-736-3924, but you will need to visit the shelter in person to claim your pet.

Upload your pet’s information to Indy Lost Pet Alert

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